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Phentermine Pharmacies in the USA

Welcome to Phentermine Pharmacies Online, your guide to local pharmacies who are able to dispense prescriptions for diet pills such as Phentermine and Adipex.

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How many new year’s resolutions have you made, promising to finally lose weight? Promising several hours of running and exercising per week, saying good bye to yummy pizza and chocolate bars? We all know how this ends – with not much progress and lots of “sacrifices” to lose a couple of pounds. Wouldn’t you want to finally make progress and actually start losing weight? Above all, don’t you want to maintain the thinner, lighter you after all of your efforts?

Starting the right diet takes a lot of discipline and strength of will. We all need that extra help to get to your goal and one of the most common go-to strategies is to use diet pills at the start of your weight loss program.

Using diet pills encourage you to work even harder since you can see clearly weight loss results. It prevents that feeling that you are stuck in a rut. The next step would be – which type of diet pills do I take? There are so many of them in the market today. How do I know which one is safe? More importantly, how do I know which one is effective?

In your search for the best diet pills for you, you will probably come across diet pills with phentermine as their main active component. What is phentermine? How does it work? Is it safe and where can you buy it?

What is this diet pill, phentermine?

Phentermine is a diet pill that helps you reduce your weight by managing the amount of food that you intake and at the same time, speeds up the metabolism in your body. It is a prescription-only diet pill that has long been used by nutritionists to help manage weight in cases where obesity is already untreatable.

Phentermine is usually the drug used when you have to lose weight rapidly – usually in a span of less than 8 weeks for at least 10 pounds. The very fast effect makes it a very potent drug and hence, this is available only through your doctor’s prescription. It is not the gentlest drug in terms of efficiency. For sure you can see effects after a few weeks of using it.

Phentermine is usually taken once a day for several weeks. Usually you need to take it for 8 weeks then you take a break from the pill so that you do not endanger yourself of overdosing. Remember to follow your doctor’s prescription when taking phentermine and under no circumstance should you self medicate or share your prescription with someone else.

A quick history of phentermine

To help you understand why this is a trusted diet pill, here’s a quick overview of the history of phentermine.

  • 1959 was the year that phentermine was approved as primarily an appetite suppressant drug. It was used as a diet pill during the 1970’s.
  • Although no clinical studies were done on the safety and the effectivity of the drug, it was widely used as a weight-control drug up until the late 1990’s.
  • 1998 was the time that phentermine was asked to be removed from the market, as requested by the US FDA. This was due to numerous reports of harmful side effects even with normal use of the diet pill.
  • It is currently classified as a controlled substance. It is LEGALLY available with a valid prescription in the United States so this is not an illegal drug for sure.

It’s been around for several decades and there is no contest regarding if this drug really works or not. The major point of contest is if it is safe enough for everyone to use even without a doctor’s prescription. For now, the ruling is you need to have the guidance and approval of your attending physician to be able to take phentermine legally as your weight loss pill.

How does phentermine work?

Phentermine works in two major ways – it helps you burn more and more calories in your body and at the same time, prevents you from overeating since this is an appetite suppressant drug. Here are the details as to how phentermine affects your body:

  • Phentermine increases your body temperature, making you burn more and more calories than you normally need.
  • It speeds up your metabolism so that you get to burn your stored fat cells even with the same amount of physical activity that you do every day.
  • It helps prevent overeating and helps you resist the temptation of having extra helpings to everything since this is an anorectic drug.
  • Phentermine helps you continue to lose weight. The action is continuous as you take it so for as long as you are taking the pill, it helps you burn and burn more calories.

Of course, these very obvious changes in your body need to be managed by proper diet and lots of water! It is very important to keep yourself hydrated at all times since you are heating up and melting away your fat every minute. Help your body stay healthy and fit by drinking more water than the usual. You can’t have too much of it anyway, since you will just sweat it out.

What you should know about phentermine

Apart from keeping yourself hydrated while on phentermine, there are a couple of things that you should be aware of before taking them:

  • For those who are pregnant or suspect that they might be, taking this diet pill is not advised since it may hinder with the proper nutritional benefits that your little one needs.
  • For those with a history of heart problems, the enhanced heart rate may cause you discomfort and dangerous health issues if you still take phentermine. Make sure you mention this to your physician.
  • For those with a history of hormonal issues or undergoing thyroid medications, diabetic treatment and the like – the alteration of your metabolism due to phentermine use may not go 100% safely with your other medications. We recommend that you get the go-ahead from your doctor first.

Of course, be reminded that you should always buy phentermine with a valid prescription. Do not share your prescription with anyone, even if you think that you share the same health issues. Your prescription is for your personal use and you should not extend the validity of the prescription without your doctor’s permission.

What are the advantages of this medication?

You should expect the following results when on phentermine:

  • Lose a pound per day for the first month of use. This is not a best case scenario with phentermine – this is a normal scenario.
  • Best to use this for rapid weight loss effects like when you are desperately avoiding obesity or if you need to prepare for an upcoming surgery and hence need to lose weight within a specific period of time.
  • Phentermine has been around for so long – this is guaranteed effective and is not an overnight formula to solve your weight problems.
  • It is laboratory-made –this is not a herbal concoction that you can just see anywhere. The US FDA really monitors and approves of its restricted and controlled use.

These are just a few advantages but they are big and reliable advantages. You can count on them once you start using phentermine. This has been trusted by doctors worldwide and as of this writing, it is not a banned substance when dispensed off and used properly as instructed.

Phentermine disadvantages and side-effects

Just as there are advantages, there are also disadvantages. It is a pretty long list, let me warn you. This is the primary reason why phentermine is a controlled drug and it should not be distributed without a doctor’s valid prescription. This also means that you should not and cannot buy this online. More on that in the next section.

Think hard about the following side effects of phentermine. If they are indeed worth it so that you can lose a few more pounds. Note that the weight loss is very drastic and this is NOT the drug for those who just want to trim down a little. This is also NOT the drug for those who want to maintain muscle tone. You are better of exercising in the treadmill if you are concerned about muscle tone maintenance.

  • Increased heart rate which may most of the time feel like palpitations
  • Increase in body temperature and may resemble hot flushes
  • Changes in your mood and may be prone to irritability. This is due to the chemical changes and hormonal fluctuations in your body
  • Change in libido
  • Tendency to have dry hair, sullen skin and an overall dehydrated look. This is why hydration is the key.
  • Changes in bowel movement and may sometimes even cause upset stomach.
  • Migraine and headaches are common, especially during the first few days of taking the pills.
  • Changes in your sleeping pattern, most often manifesting as insomnia for several days at a time. A great way to combat this is to avoid taking caffeinated drinks so that you don’t aggravate the situation.
  • Hand tremors

These are very common and basic side effects. Some people may be allergic to some of the components in this diet pill so this may manifest in the form of hives or rashes. Difficulty in breathing is also sometimes complained.
It is best to know the possible side effects of the pill to your body so that you are 100% aware of the possible consequences of taking this drug. This is why this is best reserved for extreme cases where you will not really mind the side effects since you are in dire need to lose weight rapidly.

Is phentermine available for online sale?

You can imagine how attractive this diet pill may be for everyone. You don’t need to be clinically obese to want to lose weight fast, right? For example, if you want to lose weight in time for your best friend’s wedding and want to make sure that you look fit and trim in the maid of honor dress, then we are sure that using a diet pill would have definitely crossed your mind.

Just remember that this particular diet pill, phentermine, is NOT legally available online. Sure, with a doctor’s prescription you can walk in any major drug store and get your rightful supplies. But if you don’t have a prescription, PLEASE don’t try looking for online sellers of this drug. To put it bluntly, it is ILLEGAL. There is no such thing as a prescription-less phentermine. We are not kidding when we say that the US FDA has ruled it to be classified like the amphetamines and this is a controlled substance.

Do not risk your health and your safety by buying counterfeit phentermine drugs online. Your health should be your number one priority and buying fake drugs online is just as bad as taking illegal recreational drugs from the street. It is punishable by law, remember that.

So if you will want to take phentermine, the industry practice is to consult your dietician and nutritionist first. If your case warrants fast and speedy weight loss in a limited amount of time, then phentermine may be the right diet pill for you to help achieve your goal. Remember that in the end, prorper diet and the right amount of physical activity is the best way to avoid obesity so that you don’t even have to think of taking diet pills in the first place.
Phentermine can be a bit expensive so this is definitely not a drug that you take lightly. It is really best to sit down with your doctor, evaluate your options and get to know how you should properly take phentermine to meet your health goals in a safe and effective manner.

phenterminepharmaciesonline.com contains educational information that is intended for that purpose alone. This is not a substitute for diagnosing any existing condition or self-medication. Before taking any medication, be sure to consult your health care provider. They are the only ones who have the necessary know-how in performing tests to determine the best diet plan or diet pill is for you.

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